Audio of “Lucy” and three other short scripts

The radio station at Seattle Pacific University produced a bunch of my scripts earlier this year as radio plays on Falcon Radio Theatre.

The audio is just now becoming available. Here’s probably the biggest night of all — Feb. 7, 2013, when it was an entire night of Yancey.

The headline piece was the one-act “Lucy,” but the show also included the ten-minute piece “Somewhere Tonight, The Washington Senators Last Game Still Plays On” and the shorter pieces “The Liberal Arts Pirates” and “The Secret Lives of Goldfish: Pirates!”

The devil wants a book written about herself — yes, herself — so shekidnaps a writer and brings him to hell for an interview. She explains whyshe’s a necessary evil; he tries to get out of the deal. A comedy, with varioustopical references. Cast: Four, plus an off-stage voice. One female, two males, one non-gender, although probably works best as a male. Still, you have can fun casting females in the two male roles. The off- stage voice is female.
• First place, 18th Annual Henrico Theatre Company Playwriting Contest,
2003. (Out of 163 entries nationwide.)
• Produced by Henrico Theatre Company, Richmond, Va., February 2004.
* Produced by the Shakespeare Club, Bangor, Maine, February 2010.
* Produced by Falcon Radio Theatre, KSPU, Seattle Pacific University, February 7, 2013.

The last game the Washington Senators played – in 1971 – ended in a forfeit, when fans ran out onto the field and one of them stole first base. Now, on the night before a new Washington baseball team takes the field in 2005, the man who stole that base is trying to return it, and gets arrested. He tries to explain to the cop why the base is haunted. Cast: Two males, envisioned as one white, one black. Running time: Ten minutes.
* Produced by Falcon Radio Theatre, KSPU, Seattle Pacific University, February 7, 2013.


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