“On the Thirteenth Day of Christmas” will be produced in Oregon

I got the official word today that my full-length script “On the Thirteenth Day of Christmas” will be produced for the first time in Oregon in December.

It was intended as a community theatre script, but the venue for this premiere will be Santiam High School in Mill City, Oregon.

This will be the sixth full-length script I’ve had produced, the others being:

* “An Old Story for News Times,” also a Christmas show
* “Virginia’s Real,” sort of a modern version of King Lear, this time with a farmer trying to figure out what to do with his farm when he retires, and three daughters fighting over the outcome.
* “Red Moon Rising in the East,” about the Soviet space program. (Video and photos here.)
* “57 Hours in the House of Culture,” about the Moscow theatre siege of 2002. (Video and photos here.)
* “Sweets to the Sweet,” a gender-reversed version of Hamlet.

Two other full-length scripts have had staged readings:
* “Klaus,” about the origins of Santa Claus. (Video and photos here.)
* “The Ballad of Alejandro Lopez,” a play about baseball and immigration. (Photos and more here.)

Here’s the synopsis for “On the Thirteenth Day of Christmas”:

A wild, action-packed Christmas farce. A young woman suddenly finds herself receiving the gifts from the song “The Twelve Days of Christmas,” apparently from an unknown suitor. The play begins on the thirteenth day as she copes with the chaos outside her apartment, as neighbors demand she do something about the noisy birds and pipers and drummers. The woman hatches a plan to shoot the birds and organize the people into an impromptu Christmas parade. Chaos ensues. Cast: 13 — 7f, 3m, 3 non-gender.

I have a list of other royalty-free Christmas scripts here.


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