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Video: “Putting the Fair In Tooth Fairy” in Houston

Somewhere in this video is my five-minute piece PUTTING THE FAIR IN THE TOOTH FAIR, produced by Cone Man Running in Houston, Texas in November 2017.

You can find still photos from the production here.

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“Putting the Fair in the Tooth Fairy” at North Park Vaudeville, San Diego

“Putting the Fair in the Tooth Fairy” is a five-minute scene that began life at No Shame Theate and has since been produced elsewhere, including this October 2006 festival at North Park Vaudeville and Candy Shop in San Diego.

The basic plot: A boy decides the tooth fairy isn’t being fair, so waits for her with a baseball bat. Turns out the tooth fairy isn’t a her. Comedy ensues.

Here’s another cast photo: Read the rest of this entry »


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