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Boswell to direct “57 Hours,” auditions set for March 24-25

Much news to report on the upcoming premiere of my full-length script “57 Hours in the House of Culture,” based on the true story of the Moscow theatre seige of 2002 where Chechen terrorists held an audience hostage.

* Charlie Boswell has agreed to direct the show. He’s directed several other things at Studio Roanoke. He helmed the very first thing done in that space, a staged reading of my one-act “The Angel of Brooklyn.” He’s since directed some of their full-length productions, including “Nobody Gets Paid,” which opens there March 7.

* Auditions for the show are set for March 24 and March 25; below I’ll copy the email that has gone out.

* Finally, there’s a poster, shown above. Sharp-eyed observers (such as myself) will notice one small error. My last name is misspelled. That’s being corrected. When there’s a new one, I’ll post it as well. That aside, it’s a marvelous poster. The artist researched the event (as did I, of course). The image is that of the actual theatre — the House of Culture of State Ball-bearing Plant No. 1. Billowing out of it are smoke and poison gas.

As you can see from the poster, the show is at Studio Roanoke May 16-27. It’s a dark, grim, spooky show, quite unlike any of my other work.

The audition release from Studio Roanoke: Read the rest of this entry »

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