More photos from ‘The Four Horsemen of the Internet’ in New York

My ten-minute play THE FOUR HORSEMEN OF THE INTERNET has hit the stage at The Secret Theatre in New York, part of a month-long festival that is set up March Madness-style with audience voting. Each show is guaranteed four performances in hits bracket — then we find out who advances. As you can see from these photos, director Leslie Kincaid Burby has done a bang-up job.

War, Pestilence, Famine and Death.

Ghosting, Deletion, Trolling with Viral on the floor.

Audience member Robert Blumenfeld posted on Facebook: “Your play is fantastic — so original and innovative and witty and hilarious. My very dear friends the Burbys’ contributions were amazing: Leslie Kincaid Burby’s direction was brilliant, and all the performances were really great. Henry Burby [Trolling] was vicous and extraordinary, Joe Burby [War] perfect and frighteningly bellicose and Adam Burby [Viral] delightfully humorous, sprightly and athletic. Bravissimo, signore!”

He went on to add:”An evening of one-acters by you would be fantastic.” I agree!

More spectacular photos below.

More of the old crew.

Death and Pestilence.

Death takes a holiday. Or at least a short break.

Here are some rehearsal photos.



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