Nine short plays produced in Maryland

“A Vampire Soap Opera”

“A Vampire Soap Opera”

“Damsel Not in Distress”

“Damsel Not in Distress”

Radcliffe Creek School in Chestertown, Maryland produced nine of my short plays in May — two ten-minute scripts and seven that run about five minutes. Of note: One of those 10-minute plays is “A Vampire Soap Opera,” which I wrote in 2010 as part of the annual 24-hour play festival Overnight Sensations in Roanoke, Virginia produced by Hollins University and Mill Mountain Theatre. I’ve participated in maybe a half dozen of those festivals; each time I try to write a script that I think will have a life beyond that particular festival. This, though, is the first time I’ve actually had one of those scripts go on to a second life.

More photos below.

“The Beautiful Ogre And Other Fairy Tales”

“Banana Man”

“The Recruiter”

“Dorothy Gets a Dog”

“Cat And Dog”

“Cat and Dog”

“College Squirrels”

“The Orphanage”




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