Short film “Kiss My Ashes Goodbye” wins another first place

The short film that Hank Ebert and I made — “Kiss My Ashes Goodbye” — won another prize in the Bike Shorts Film Festival. (Also should point out that Chris Shepard did the music soundtrack, which was surely key to its victory, as well).

In early May, we won the audience vote at the initial Roanoke showing. On Saturday, May 30, we also won the audience vote at the Blacksburg showing. That was something of a surprise, since neither of us were in attendance and we’d done nothing, literally, nothing, to drum up support there.

Another film won the audience prize at the Lynchburg showing, so that means we took two out of three!

The film stars Blair Peyton as the bike messenger, Chris Shepard as the bike messenger company chieftain, Marianne Ebert as the funeral home attendant, Stephen Glassbrenner as thief one, Hannah Whitt as the woman with car trouble, Lincoln Humphry as thief two, Martha Weeks Boswell as the woman who requested the delivery, and Maggie Bryant and Alden Bryant as the two children.

I also have these photos from the making of KISS MY ASHES GOODBYE.

And here’s a list of the other films that Hank and I have done:

* “My Kid Could Paint That” for a festival at the Grandin Theatre in 2009
* “Back to the Future” for a Sweded film festival in the 2012 Marginal Arts Festival.
* “The Secret Lives of Goldfish” for the 2013 Bike Shorts Festival (behind-the-scenes photos here.)
* “Unwanted” in 2014 Bike Shorts Festival.
* Still photos from the filming of “Unwanted” in 2014
* “Unwanted” takes second in Waynesboro Film Festival


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