Video: The short film “Unwanted” in the Bike Shorts Film Festival

Just about every year, Salem filmmaker Hank Ebert and I collaborate on a short film. The past two years, it’s been an entry in the local edition of the Bike Shorts Film Festival — short films about bicycles.

This year’s entry was “Unwanted.”

The cast includes Kelly Anglim, Charlie Boswell, Martha Boswell, Noah Jones, Nancy Lawrence, Gary Reid, Blair Peyton, Chad Snyder, Ana Uotinen, Lauren Uotinen and Katerina Yancey. Here’s the result.

We didn’t win the judges’ prize; that went to a wonderful documentary that a London-based filmmaker made about bicycles in Cuba. Hard to beat that! We didn’t win the audience vote in Roanoke, either. That went to a film that was 17 minutes long (even though the rules said 10 minutes). But I’m told we did come in second.

Here are some still photos from the filming, which was done in March.

If you’d like to check out our previous efforts, they’re here:

In the past, we’ve done:
* “My Kid Could Paint That” for a festival at the Grandin Theatre in 2009
* “Back to the Future” for a Sweded film festival in the 2012 Marginal Arts Festival.
* “The Secret Lives of Goldfish” for the 2013 Bike Shorts Festival (behind-the-scenes photos here.)



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