Audio of my scripts produced as radio plays by Seattle station

Falcon Radio Theatre

Falcon Radio Theatre

First, the good news: Falcon Radio Theatre at KSPU in Seattle has produced some more of my scripts as radio plays. Most recently, on May 21,  the one-act “The Life List” and the shorter piece, “Zucchini Are Plotting to Take Over the World.”

They join a long list of other pieces of mine that the station has done this year.

Even better, the station has now made the audio available. You can find the archives page here.

Here’s a recap (all these are 5-minute or less pieces unless otherwise noted):

* April 2: “Cat and Dog”

* April 9: “Catch of the Day” (one-act) and “Big Time College Chemistry” and “The Monkey Rodeo.”

* April 16:“Damsel Not in Distress” and “The Viking Funeral of Harold Olalfson.”

* April 23: “The Last Day of School”

There might be some others there that I’ve missed; if so, I’ll update.

The bad news: Alas, Falcon Radio Theatre is going off the air. This is at a college station and the students involved are moving on. What a great ride while it lasted!





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