“Follow The Money: A Modern Day Fairy Tale” to be produced in West Virginia in June

A few weeks ago, I departed from my usual rule, which is to never pay to enter a contest.

However, I had a script which I thought was a sure winner for the New Voices Play Festival, an annual new works contest put on by the Old Opera House Theatre in Charles Town, West Virginia.

That script was “The Ring,” a sad little one-act about an elderly woman who breaks into the home of another elderly woman to steal her state championship ring, won many years back in a high school basketball game.

I was also motivated by the fact that a few years ago, I had a staged reading in the same festival of my one-act, “Larry’s New Guardian Angel.” Also, it’s the town where my maternal grandparents once lived, and now are buried.

The rules allowed for two submissions, so I also packed off “Follow the Money: A Modern Day Fairy Tale,” a cute little take on where the tooth fairy’s money comes from. That’s a script I’ve also been proud of, and entered elsewhere, but to no avail.

This week, I was informed that . . . low, “Follow the Money” had been accepted and will be one of four scripts produced June 21-23, with the audience voting on their favorites.

You can find details here.

Here’s my official synopsis:

A precocious youth attempts to find the secret to the tooth fairy — by kidnapping her. Where do all those teeth come from? And the money? Cast: Six — two female, four male. Running time: Fifteen minutes.


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