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The title song to my play “Unemployed Gods”

I’ve never written a musical (yet) but I have written a full-length show that includes a song. The show — and the song — is “Unemployed Gods.” It’s about a dark look at a company town after the company has closed down. In this case, the company is Mount Olympus and the gods are out of work.

I wrote the lyrics and hummed a tune for the multi-talented Roanoke musician and actor Chris Shepard, who wrote the music — and performs it here.

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Poster for “My Summer as a Mermaid” at Studio Roanoke

I had four short pieces done at Studio Roanoke on August 22, 2010 as part of its Guerrilla Playhouse program.

The headline piece was “My Summer as a Mermaid,” which had been previously produced in Massachusetts and Chicago.

Other pieces were:
* “Captain Funhouse and His Rollicking, Frolicking Adventures Gang”
* “Love Match”
* “What I Learned in Paraguay”

Here’s the poster for the show.

The musical guest, Chris Shepard, also performed a song that he and I co-wrote: “Unemployed Gods,” the theme song of an as-yet-unproduced script by the same name.

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