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“The Fruitcake” hits its 35th production, with more on the way

The Christmas one-act “The Fruitcake” — published by Brooklyn Publishers — is pulling away as my most frequently produced work.

Two places have produced it this winter season, and one more is scheduled to.

The ones so far are:

* Cedar Rapids Public School, Cedar Rapids, Nebraska, Nov. 19, 2012.
* Rock’n’Bach (which appears to be a private arts school of some sort), Frisco, Texas, Nov. 30, 2012.

That Rock’n’Bach performance marked the 35th production.

And then the Fort Worth school district in Fort Worth, Texas is scheduled to produce it on Dec. 20 (not sure which school.)

Alas, for all those productions, I have yet to see a one, nor receive any photos from any of them.

My second most frequently-produced script is the one-act “Macbeth Goes Hollywood” — produced by Eldridge Plays and Musicals. That show has been produced 24 times, most recently in October at a school in Steger, Illinois.

In third place is “Hamlet on Spring Break” — published by Playscripts. That show has been produced 23 times, most recently in July 2012 by a school in Port Republic, New Jersey. (Here’s video from a May 2007 production in Winston-Salem, North Carolina and still photos from a 2004 production in St. Paul, Minnesota.

However, that ranking might change. In fourth place is another Christmas show, “Santa Claustrophobia,” through Big Dog Plays. It’s been produced 17 times. However, Playscripts notifies me immediately when a production is scheduled; Big Dog only lets me know when it’s time to send a royalty check. Last year, “Santa Claustrophobia” was produced three times, so it’s possible there are more productions out there this fall, which could cause Santa to bump Hamlet back to fourth.

In fifth place is “Code 40 Verona,” a murder mystery based on the police investigation into the deaths of Romeo and Juliet. It’s published through Eldridge, and was last produced in October 2011 at a school in McDonough, Georgia.

I have other published scripts that have been produced less frequently and, of course, I have many unpublished ones, which are available, royalty-free, through me. Inquire within!


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“The Kissing Consultant” produced in South Africa

I often don’t find out about productions of my published plays until long after the fact (when royalty statements come). So what I’m about to report is up to a year old, but still true and fun:

* My one-act “The Kissing Consultant” got produced at a school in Johannesburg, South Africa! Specifically, Athlone Girls High School (not to be confused with Athlone Boys High School, I’ve learned.) So I can add a new country to my list. I’ve now had productions in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Great Britain, The Philippines, Australia, Turkey and now South Africa.

In addition:
* My one-act “The Weird Sisters on Holiday” had its premiere at a high school in Kansas — Anderson County High School, on January, 14,  2011.

* And add on 3 more productions of “Santa Claustrophobia” and 5 more of “The Fruitcake,” both Christmas one-acts. Some of those in Canada!

“The Kissing Consultant,” “The Weird Sisters on Holiday” and “The Fruitcake” are all published by Brooklyn Publishers. “Santa Claustrophobia” is published by Big Dog Plays.

Alas, I’ve never had a chance to see any of these produced.

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