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Video: “The Secret Lives of Goldfish”

Here’s “The Secret Lives of Goldfish,” the short film that Hank Ebert and I made as an entry in the annual Bike Shorts film festival in Roanoke, Va. (which, in turn, is part of a national competition.)

I adapted one of my stage scripts, “The Secret Lives of Goldfish, vol. 6” and Hank supplied the video magic.

Alas, we didn’t win. But we had fun, and hope you do, too, as you watch it.

Earlier, I posted some still photos from the making of this little epic.

I decided to wear the goldfish costume to the festival. Apparently, all one has to do to get attention in downtown Roanoke is to wear a fish costume on the street. Who knew? On the five block walk to the festival location, I had four people stop and take my picture, not counting this one that co-worker Erica Myatt took before I left work.

A French tourist at an art gallery came out onto the sidewalk to stop me; I couldn’t understand a word she said but I sure got the idea when she pointed to her camera. Later, when I walked by the Awful Arthur’s seafood restaurant, a man hailed me, brought me in and took me around the bar, where some (but certainly not all) patrons wanted a picture. And one little girl riding in a car shouted out “there’s Nemo!”

To get a glimpse of what she saw, see below: Read the rest of this entry »


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Still photos from my short film, “The Secret Lives of Goldfish”

Chad Snyder stars as the goldfish in "The Secret Lives of Goldfish."

Chad stars as the goldfish in “The Secret Lives of Goldfish.”

I recently collaborated with Salem filmmaker Hank Ebert to create a short film for the annual “Bike Shorts” film competition. The main rule is, it has to feature a bicycle. I adapted my short script “The Secret Lives of Goldfish” (actually this is episode 6 in the series of short stage plays) for the project.

The main thing you need to know about “The Secret Lives of Goldfish” is that it involves a goldfish riding a bicycle — our riff on the line about “a woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle.”

I wrote the script; Hank Ebert was the director and videographer. Chad [last name withheld] and Kevin McAlexander are the two goldfish (although only Chad appears on camera; Kevin is there in a voiceover.) Hank’s wife, Marianne, made the goldfish suit; my wife, Trina, made the headpiece. We did the outdoor filming in March in Green Hill Park in Roanoke County, then finished up with voiceovers in the studio in April.

I’ve worked with Hank on two other short films — “My Kid Could Paint That” and a Sweded version of “Back to the Future” in a local competition. Both Chad and Kevin had key roles in that project, as well.

The films will be screened, and judged, on May 3, with the winner advancing on to national competition.  I’ve held off posting still photos now, until after the entry deadline has passed, so here goes. Read the rest of this entry »

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