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“My Summer as a Mermaid” at Acme Theatre New Works Winter Festival, Mass.

May Paquette (Policewoman), Chris Lockheardt (Drunken Young Man), Karen Powers (Ashley Fairweather), Tom Powers (Manager), Diana Porter (Waitress) and Gordon Ellis (Pirate). Directed by Cinda Lavely.

“My Summer as a Mermaid” grew out of a family vacation to the beach. I’m not sure where the idea came from, but I had the vision of a fish restaurant with a huge aquarium — and a waitress swimming in it in a mermaid costume.

This was the January 2006 production at the Acme Theatre New Works Winter Festival in Maynard, Mass.

A few months later, the script was produced at the Appetite Theatre in Chicago.

This is a ten-minute script.


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