Review for “57 Hours in the House of Culture”: “Most interactive show I’ve seen”

Director Brian O’Sullivan (in red, sitting in second row at left) delivers notes to the cast and crew after the final preview night. Notice the man with the AK-47 in the right hand corner; that’s James Honaker, who plays the terrorist.

We have our first review of “57 Hours in the House of Culture,” my show about the Moscow theatre siege, which opened May 16 at Studio Roanoke.

Heather Brush of the Cave Spring Connection says, in part:

“This surround sound and action atmosphere draws the non-acting audience in to an intimate experience and most interactive show I’ve seen. There were shocking moments and sad ones, with bits of humor, and all were experienced rather than simply witnessed. Panic at their moments of death is palpable in the darkness and smoky air, and then the ease of acceptance of what has come to pass as the violin plays a lullaby. It was a truly memorable experience as reality was suspended.”

You can read her full review here.

And here are some more photos of the cast and crew, shot on May 15 after the final preview night:

Director Brian O’Sullivan (in red, arms crossed) delivers notes.

Notice James Honaker, AK-47 in hand, at right.

Kelly Anglim, who plays one of the terrorists, demonstrates an issue she’s having with her “martyr belt.”


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