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My Lady Gaga tie

My daughter gave me this Lady Gaga tie for Father’s Day 2011.

Here’s proof that I really did wear it to work.

And yes, I’m a fan.

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Meeting Miss Roanoke Valley

The hard life of a playwright.

Yes, being a playwright is hard work. But sometimes you get to meet celebrities — such as Miss Roanoke Valley.

Here I am with Lindsay Morris at a Salem Red Sox game in summer 2009.

Actually, this has nothing to do with me being a playwright. I just happened to be at the game. So did she.

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Boston Red Sox World Series trophy in Salem

Keith Yancey and Dwayne Yancey with Boston Red Sox World Series trophy.

When the Boston Red Sox took over the minor league baseball team in Salem, Va. in 2009 — turning it from the Salem Avalanche into the Salem Red Sox — the team sent down one of its World Series trophies as a star attraction.

That’s me and my son, Keith, on the official viewing day.

Baseball is a recurring theme in a lot of my work.


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