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The wise old beaver in Darlene Fedele’s puppet musical

That's me as the wise old beaver at far left. The reading was part of the Hollins University MFA playwriting program, so I wore my "Women who are going places start at Hollins" T-shirt.

I don’t claim to be an actor, but every now and then I get drafted into service. “Casting by proximity,” Joan Ruelle calls it.

In July 2011, Darlene Fedele asked me to play the part of “the wise old beaver” in a staged reading of her puppet musical. I happily agreed. I had to do some singing; fortunately, not solo.

This was part of the Hollins University MFA playwriting program. Here we are at Mill Mountain Theatre for the reading.


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Backstage at “Spitfire Grill,” Mill Mountain Theatre

That’s me with Natalie Newman, a very talented actress who had the lead role of Percy Sutton in the Mill Mountain Theatre production of “Spitfire Grill” in October 2008.

This is just clowning around for the camera.

I believe Ann Karner — who played Effie — took the photo.

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The role of The Visitor in “Spitfire Grill” at Mill Mountain Theatre, October 2008

Natalie Newman and Dwayne Yancey as the sun comes up. Photo by Ayme Gierchak

I have never counted myself an actor.

So I was shocked when, in the fall of 2008, the artistic director at Mill Mountain Theatre in Roanoke, Va. called me to ask if I’d play a non-speaking part in the upcoming production of “Spitfire Grill.”

Sure, I’d be honored.

What I didn’t realize was this was a BIG non-speaking part — that of “The Visitor,” the long-lost son of the grill’s owner who went AWOL during Vietnam and has been living in the woods ever since.

There were actions to learn! Heck, I even had to learn to enter on a musical cue.


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Acting in Mike Allen’s “Template for a Fairy Tale”

Science fiction writer Mike Allen asked me to play a small part in his piece “Template for a Fairy Tale” at No Shame Theatre on June 8, 2007.


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