Rehearsal for Overnight Sensations 2018

So, here’s how rehearsal for this year’s 24-hour play project at Mill Mountain Theatre played out.

Saturday, 8 a.m. The writers and directors meet in the green room at Mill Mountain Theatre. My director, Bob Moss, is at right.

With six shows, rehearsal space is at a premium. Our group gathered in the Harrison Museum of African-American History. From left: Michael Mansfield, director Bob Moss, Chris Shepard, J.P. Powell, Ally Thomas, Erica Muyst and Reilly Lincavicks.

More photos below . . . and a lot more here.

My script included a barbershop quartet song, set to the tune of “In The Good Old Summertime.” Chris Shepard consults his device for guidance on how it sounds.

And now the blocking starts.

Director Bob Moss in action.

Bob Moss looks over things.

The singing begins. From left, director Bob Moss, Ally Thomas, Erica Muyst, Chris Shepard and J.P. Powell.

Bob Moss has some advice.

It’s not Hamlet without a skull.

Michael Mansfield, front and center.




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