Photos (and video) from “Catch of the Day”

Michigan State University is producing my one-act CATCH OF THE DAY Nov. 3-6. Director Emily Clark sends this promo video and rehearsal photos.

The parents (at each end of the table) meet their daughter's new boyfriend, Spike. But that's not all that happens.

The parents (at each end of the table) meet their daughter’s new boyfriend, Spike. But that’s not all that happens.

Ryan Carlson plays the dad; Melanie Ebeling plays the mom; Teagan Parkinson plays the daughter and Luke Ostrem plays Spike.

Directed by Emily Clark and Holly Simon.

More photos below:

More awkward meetings.

More awkward meetings.

The glorious Spike.

The glorious Spike.


A nervous mother is preparing to entertain her daughter and the daughter’s new boyfriend. She’s eager for the match to succeed. She’s instructed her husband to pick up some fish on the way home for dinner; he mistakenly acquires a fugu, a type of fish prized as a delicacy in Japan — but which is also highly poisonous, if improperly prepared. Naturally, the woman succeeds in poisoning the daughter and her boyfriend — sending them into a trance. Comedy ensues, while the pair are frozen in position through part of the play. Cast: Two males, two females. Running time: 30 minutes.
* Staged reading as a radio play by Falcon Radio Theatre, Seattle, Washington, April 23, 2013.


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