“Yvonne” gets their attention in Portland, Oregon

Post 5 Theatre in Portland, Oregon recently produced two of my short pieces as part of their show called “Death/Sex: Portland,” in which every pieces was about one or the other.

One of my entries dealt with both: “Yvonne’s Worst Fears,” in which a woman is tied up during kinky sex — only to have her partner suffer a heart attack. The other piece was called “Another Reason Why Yvonne Doesn’t Get Asked Out Very Much,” which dealt with a similar theme, just from a different point of view.

The theatre didn’t have any photos to share, but did pass on this account of the show:

“Know that YVONNE’S WORST FEARS opened the show (our lovely Yvonne was tied to a headboard below a podium as the audience filed in, smiling and trying to wave as I did the curtain speech) and kicked off the production beautifully. ANOTHER REASON appeared early in the second act, with the girls drinking cocktails and poor Dave (myself, I couldn’t help it) yelling the same “safe word” from backstage. As soon as the audience saw Yvonne on stage again, I could tell (even from backstage, with my hand in my mouth) that the audience perked up. Thank you for helping to make my first advance into producing such a success.”


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