Video: Overnight Sensations 24-hour play project

For the fourth time in sixth years, I’ll be one of the writers in “Overnight Sensations,” the 24-hour play project organized by the Hollins University playwriting program in conjunction with Mill Mountain Theatre.

In previous years, I’ve written these scripts:
*2007:  “Stuck on You,” a farce about a glue gun gone bad at a prom.
*2010:  “A Vampire Soap Opera,” which is pretty much what it sounds like.
*2011:  “Strong as a Bull,” a horror piece about steroids and baseball — in the 1800s.

Here’s a video from last year’s ceremonies — that’s me in the funny hat. Most of the footage is from when we drew casts, themes, genres and so forth from a hat (not mine!)

I also have some still photos from the 2010 event (which produced “A Vampire Soap Opera”) here.

Finally, arts writer Mike Allen of The Roanoke Times has more about this year’s Overnight Sensations on his Arts & Extras blog.


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