“The Rules Are The Rules Are The Rules” in England

The passenger remains out of it for almost all of the show. Flight attendants struggle to move him to first class.

I once met a flight attendant who told me about some of the more unusual airline rules. One of them is that if a passenger dies en route, the flight attendants are required to keep trying to revive the victim until the plane lands — even if it’s clear the passenger is dead. The reason is to avoid liability and be able to say “we did all we could.”

That led to my one-act comedy “The Rules Are The Rules Are The Rules,” in which a passenger appears to die during a trans-oceanic flight. Key word: Appears. He’s really just passed out, much to the surprise of the flight attendants involved.

The Castle Players near Poole, England produced this in February 2011. They also sent me a video, and it was quite a hoot. These photos give an idea of the hilarity:

The passenger collapses on top one unfortunate flight attendant.

Another attempt to move the passenger to a different part of the plane.

All right. Now what? Well, the rules are the rules are the rules . . .

An attempt to revive the passenger. Or not.

When the other flight attendants tire of the chore, they bring in "Kinky Kari" who doesn't realize he's "dead."

The cast takes a bow.


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