The 24-hour play project at Mill Mountain Theatre, Roanoke, Va.

I always wear my jester's cap when I take part in the 24-hour play project. Here I am writing away in the Hollins University library.

In July 2010, I was invited — for the second time — to be one of the writers in the 24-hour play project at Mill Mountain Theatre.

We gathered on a Friday night. The writers drew a director from the hat. The directors drew a cast. Then we drew theme, setting and genre.

I drew “soap opera,” “cocktail lounge” and “slow but steady wins the race.”

Then the writer writes overnight, the director rehearses the cast the next day and the night we hit the stage with a series of 10-minute scripts.

My result: “A Vampire Soap Opera: The Old and the Restless.”

Here are some of the photos of the event.

Not sure what I'm drawing here; possibly the director.

Director Miriam Frazier draws a cast.

That's me (at right) with the cast of what became "A Vampire Soap Opera." From left: Stevie Holcomb, Chad Runyon, Gina Laguzza, Meg White and Miriam Frazier (director)

That's me in the jester's cap, drawing from the hat. This is either for setting or theme or genre.

Director Miriam Frazier and I look over the props that are available.

Here's another of me typing away.

At the production meeting the next morning. You'll see I changed my shirt. I also broke a devil stick. Turns out we didn't need it, but a devil stick is always a handy thing to have. Those are fellow playwrights Neely Gossett, Maura Campbell and Jeff Goode Los in the background.


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